Update error!

Once the follow popup message is shown during the upgrade process.

Please follow the steps to finish the upgrade manually.


1.For Mold:Open the Update_M folder under mold installation directory
   For Press:Open the Update_P folder under press installation directory

2. Install the following installation package in order to manually install the main update package.
    Note: Depending on the current status version, the installation steps are different.


3.Open Update Utility folder.


4.Go back to the installation directory and run the upgrade program for V3.6 (If no CAD add on is installed, skip this step.

5.Click Update to upgrade the CAD add on package (If no CAD add on is installed, skip this step)


6.Only for Press Die

  Please doble-click  the files in following order .

① “V3.7.0_UAC_GPL.BAT”

② “UserDBUpdate_V370.exe”




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